The NEXT STEP Sports Academy of Sport’s Basketball Program provides high performance training opportunities for talented young athletes in Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi UAE. The Program provides an essential and highly relevant step in the development pathway of young basketball athletes from across the UAE region – with the ultimate goal of preparing these talented young players for progression to the Basketball Aathlete Program.

The Program content will feature skills and technical development opportunities, athlete education, sports science and fitness elements and personal development opportunities The Program is a comprehensive introduction to what will be required at the elite levels of the sport.

NEXT STEP Sports Academy specialises in helping you Move Faster, Jump Higher and Get Stronger for sporting competition.

Training at NEXT STEP Abu Dhabi means being in a environment surrounded by professional coaches who push your boundaries and help you achieve your performance goals. We don’t leave a stone unturned. In each session, we work on specific facets of your athleticism to make you better for today and for the future. Our philosophy is ‘Learning for A Lifetime of Sport.’ We believe in educating our clients so they can remain active and strong for the course of their lives.

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