Next Step Sports Management Services
  • Sports Academies. Plan and execute sports academies with the highest standards
  • Manpower Planning. Provide experienced and qualified sports personnel, PEs, Coaches, Life Guards etc...
  • Events Management. Plan and execute sports events, tournaments, camps, trips and fun days.
  • Fitness & Gym Equipment. Setup and operate weight lifting rooms.
  • Sports Floor. We can provide surveys/assessments/quotations available for resealing, relining, refurbishment, repairs or simply installation of a new floor, for most types of indoor flooring. or Outdoor Artificial Sports Surfacing.
  • Multi-purpose Hall. We provide servicing, repair, installation, and replacement.
  • Service & Maintenance. Provided for all kinds of sports facilities either as a one-off or as part of a contract.
  • Risk Management. Next Step is able to undertake a total health & safety inspection of your facility. This provides an independent review of all your equipment with the provision of an in-depth report as to its status and safety.
  • Athletics and Sports Equipment. We can provide all kind of tools and equipment in affordable prices suitable for your budget.
  • Sports Business Development. Sports consultancy.
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